Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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Caves of Zircon Tutorial

This is Friday the 13th this week! We’ve just produced the 13th article in the tutorial. This week was about Food and Hunger in Caves of Zircon. The article is ready and you can read it on the site.


This week we added some upgrades to the event handling mechanics and also clarified the API a bit. From now on you can differentiate between handling or processing an event:

// when you handle events you need to return a response
button.handleComponentEvents(ACTIVATED, (event) -> {
    System.out.println("Skipped component event");
    return UIEventResponses.pass(); // pass means that you didn't handle the event

// when you process events you don't have to return a response, Zircon will treat
// processors as if they were returning the `processed` response.
button.processComponentEvents(ACTIVATED, (event) -> System.out.println("Button pressed!"));

This will make input event handling easier than before and also more readable.

Apart from this we worked on the simplification of Component builders. This has been a nuisance for quite some time and now we’re going to clean up the code so that there won’t be any surprises in the future.

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