Hexworks is a friendly bunch of developers who like to write programs either full time or as a hobby. Our mission is to build a community of like-minded people who want to learn and help each other. Our focus is on indie and roguelike games. We'd like to see these communities thrive and to make the lives of those developers easier.

That's why we are also working on toos which help with these, like: the Zircon tile engine, the Microcline Art Studio, the Mixite hexagonal grid library, and other projects.

Feel free to join our Discord Server if you'd like to join us!

Our core members

Addamsson avatar


is the core developer behind Zircon and Mixite. Spends his time mostly working on Open Source projects.

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is our creative guy, making artwork, pixel art, and even ASCII art.

Milo avatar


is our multiplayer programmer, and he also works on the Microcline editor.

Our projects

We are working on multiple projects, all open source which might be useful for you if you are working on, or planning to work on a game.


Zircon is extensible, multiplatform and user-friendly tile engine. You can use it if you want to create a roguelike game, since it supports ASCII and CP437 tiles. If you want a more traditional tile-based game Zircon is also a good option as it comes with some nice and open source graphical tilesets out of the box. Take a look: Zircon full example


Mixite is a GUI agnostic hexagonal grid library. Supports a multitude of grid layouts including hexagonal, triangular, rectangular and more. it is also a multiplatform project so you can use it in the browser, on Android, or in your desktop app as well!


If you have excess creative power and you want to contribute to open source just take a look at our project board for Zircon.