Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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Caves of Zircon Tutorial

This week I finished #12 in the tutorial which is about writing an inventory system complete with an inventory dialog. You can read it here.


This week was pretty intense. We worked on a wide array of things:

  • First of all now Zircon has HBox which aligns its children from left to right horizontally (screenshot)
  • And VBox which complements HBox and aligns from top to bottom vertically (screenshot). With the combination of these two it is now a trivial task to implement complex UIs or components like this table.
  • We also started working on some improvements to the debug mode, so now there is a way to highlight the grid when Zircon is run in debug mode. Take a look here.

You can expect more upgrades to this mode in the near future!

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