Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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Zircon & Caves of Zircon Tutorial

This week was about Wandering Monsters in Caves of Zircon. The article is ready and you can read it on the site.

We also did some minor upgrades on the site which improve readability on mobile devices.

This is also a great moment for us because we now have more than 100 people on our Discord Server!


Some of the old examples got a retrofit, so now all examples work on the site properly.

We finally started working on the HBox and the VBox component which are just containers which automatically aligns their items left to right (horizontally) or top to bottom (vertically). It looks like this. It also has automatic reordering if a component is removed from the middle. We took the idea from TornadoFX where this two components are enough to cover 95% of the layout use cases!

Apart from this we also added some new ways to load graphical tilesets so now it is possible to bundle your game into a jar and put all your graphical tilesets in it and use it with Zircon.

We upgraded the data binding in Cobalt a bit which means that Zircon also received the upgrades so now bind and unbind works properly as you can see in this example and now the whole thing is also much more easier to use. The databinding code necessary for this example to work is just this: checkBox.enabledProperty.updateFrom(selectedProperty.not()) or if you want to use operators this: checkBox.enabledProperty.updateFrom(!selectedProperty).

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