Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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This week we finished the next article in the tutorial series!


This week there was only one new enhancement in Zircon due to our focus on the tutorial: now ComponentStyleSet uses data binding. This makes it possible to bind the style of a Component to another one which means that if the style of a bound Component changes, the others will also get updated. Two-way data binding also works which helps with consistency. Shoutout to /u/coldwarrl for the help!

News flash for CP437 lovers! I’ve bumped into a nice Dwarf Fortress tileset when I was playing the game (take a look) which I liked so much that I contacted the author and he agreed to let us put it into Zircon so this tileset is coming soon to Zircon (all 3 variants) along with the “Hallowed” color theme!

Caves of Zircon Tutorial

The next article is ready in the tutorial series. This one took quite some time to produce since we wanted it to be easy to understand because the follow-up articles will depend on the knowledge obtained from this one. I hope we succeeded with it, so if you have some feedback feel free to share it with us!

The Amethyst project now has a README file which is the byproduct of this article and we’ll improve on it in the near future.

We’ve also added detailed information to the Releases page of the tutorial project so if you don’t want to code you can just check out the code which was produced from the article.

I verified the code in the article by creating a branch from the original code, then resetting to the previous tag and copying the code to the project form the article, then performing a git diff so it should work properly, but feel free to tell us if there is a discrepancy!

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