Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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This week we were trying to catch up. There are some folks who are working on 7DRL, so we also provided support on Discord. I’m curious to see the games produced this week! /u/coldwarrl also had progress with his Cold War roguelike, here are some shots from the actual game!


Nothing special happened this week, as we were primarily supporting people with 7DRL. The docs got improved as a result and some very valid questions were asked which were not explained before in the docs. For example we clarified that components are stateful and not reusable on multiple places in the same UI.

Caves of Zircon Tutorial

We had progress with the next article. This one introduces Amethyst to this project so I’ve spent a lot of time getting the wording right so it is easy to understand. The article is coming either this weekend, or the start of the next one.


The project now has a logo, an icon and a README page which explains how Amethyst works. We’re going to improve this in the near future.

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