Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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Caves of Zircon Tutorial

This week was about Weapons and Armor in Caves of Zircon. The article is ready and you can read it on the site.


Apart from that we worked on the fleshing out of the layout concept in Zircon. We already have the functions in place to re-orient the Components when resizing happens, so we just need to program the resizing itself.

@Seveen, became a contributor to Zircon this week (yay!), if you’re interested in the stuff he is working on you can find it here.

@MrPancake came up with an idea this week, we’re going to implement soon! This is going to be a new Tileset type (take a look) which is very similar to CP437 but it is not constrained to 16x16 tiles but can be of arbitrary size. This is like a combination of Graphical Tilesets and CP437 Tilesets. They can be colorized by using TileColors but are graphical tiles instead of ASCII. Take a look at an example.

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