Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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This week we were busy with adding some new upgrades to Zircon, and also with the Caves of Zircon tutorial!

For Caves of Zircon:

This week @Geldrin playtested Caves of Zircon and some issues came out which were quickly fixed. I also worked on the Caves of Zircon tutorials, so now there are three articles out. The rest is coming in the next weeks. I have fleshed out the whole thing, I just need to write it now.

Feedback is welcome about these so if some of you happen to take a look at them feel free to point out if something is wrong, or hard to understand. I’m pretty excited about this, since I’ve never written a game tutorial before!

For Zircon:

There were some upgrades and fixes this week:

  • Views were added to Zircon (The V from MVC) so now you can start using them in your UIs. Their usage is also detailed in the tutorial.
  • TileGrids and Screens are now Closeable to prevent memory leaks. This happened when there were Views which were no longer accessible to the user but the EventBus had references to event listeners within them. Now this is not a problem anymore.
  • Some minor upgrades were added like
    • Lightening of colors in TileColor
    • Streamlining the addition of Paragraphs to ui elements
    • CircleCI builds were fixed (they flapped previously beacuse they upped the Gradle version where --parallel was the default build method)

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