Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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We released the next version of Zircon this week! More about it here.

For Caves of Zircon:

The first version of the project is now released! We’ve moved the ECS(ish) library to its own project: Amethyst. This is in BETA right now, but it will be production ready soon. If Ashley was simple than this is super-simple, it only has like 10 classes right now but it gets the job done.

In the game itself the Player was nerfed a bit, and the monsters were buffed. The inventory and the equipment screens were separated. This is how the equipment screen looks now and this is the new Inventory screen.

The goals were also re-aligned, so now the goal is to find the exit and gather as much Zircons as possible along the way while keeping yourself alive against the onslaught of bats, zombies, and hunger.

This is a speed run which I did. I lowered the levels to 2 because the gifs were getting too big. :)

For Zircon:

There were some minor upgrades and fixes this week:

  • @Ender_L upgraded the LibGDX renderer this week, so the black borders are gone from the viewport. Asset loading was also upgraded, now it uses an Asset Manager
  • Now the text of the ToggleButton is mutable. It uses data binding behind the scenes but now you can conveniently do toggleButton.text = "foo" instead of using the Property abstraction
  • Buttons now can be enabled / disabled
  • Now options can be removed from the RadioButtonGroup
  • Now there is a method in Position3D to determine whether the position is unknown (isUnknown)

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