Weekly update: Zircon & Caves of Zircon

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This week was spent mostly with finalizing the next release: there are only 2 tasks left!

For Caves of Zircon:

  • Now you can level up in the game!
  • The keyboard controls were also improved so now it is not only possible but convenient to use as well

For Zircon:

  • We fixed an elusive bug which caused focus to be lost when a Component was deleted from the screen which currently had focus. This happens for example when you loot some items from creatures in Caves of Zircon. I spent some time with this but now it is working.
  • Zircon now supports data binding! This is an example of binding the value of a label to another one, a Header and several buttons. What’s not visible here is that with data binding you can also create complex bindings like binding to numbers:
    val someNumber = createPropertyFrom(1)
    Components.button().build().textProperty.bind(someNumber) {

or creating combined bindings like in this example:

val firstName = Components.label().build()
val lastName = Components.label().build()

val combined = firstName.textProperty.concat(" ").concat(lastName.textProperty)

val fullName = Components.label().build()
  • There were also some minor bugfixes reported by @Coldwarrl and others. Thanks!

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