Weekly update: Zircon

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This week:

  • We had great progress with Caves of Zircon! This gif shows my player digging through cave walls and dispatching fungi. What’s interesting is not visible here: we dumped the idea of a straight port of Trystan’s tutorial, instead we created a very simple ECS system for this game which works nicely! This, this, this, and this shows alternative color palettes which we have tried. It is not final yet, but we’re getting there.
  • There are also some things we improved in Zircon like component alignment: this shows all the permutations of aligning components within and around other components.
  • @Milo implemented ellipse drawing (thx, Milo!)
  • Layers now can be cleared
  • Input handling was upgraded a bit, now you can listen to specific KeyCombinations and individual keys as well

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