Weekly update: Zircon

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This week:

  • We figured out a way to properly do wrapping / decorating of components. /u/zidsal and /u/coldwarrl already gave some feedback on the concept but we’d also like to show it to you: here. The whole thing is intended to be easy to understand so if it is not clear feel free to point out the problems. In a nutshell we’ll have ComponentRenderers. Each Component will have its own and the decorators will also have one. Rendering will be done from the outside to the inside and each Renderer will only have access to the area which it is supposed to touch.
  • We’ve also implemented SubTileGraphics which is just like a TileGraphics but it maintains a “window” around an actual TileGraphics. With this construct we can restrict which parts of a TileGraphics can be edited. You can also create SubTileGraphics’ out of a SubTileGraphics leading to SubTileCeption.
  • There were a lot of recent POCs and new additions with only exploratory tests written for them so far. This week we have paid down a lot of this technical debt so there were a lot of new unit tests added.
  • Here is an example of the implemented component rendering (buttons) concept.

A next major release is coming up for this Autumn, so stay tuned.

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